Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What was in my June Beauty Army Box?

Beauty Army Box
If you missed my blog on some fun monthly subscriptions that aren't just magazines...well here is a beauty box that I subscribed to!

WHAT IS IT? "Beauty Army is a personalized beauty sample subscription service that allows you to select up to six luxury beauty samples each month for $12. We offer the luxury of choice and the best of beauty delivered to your door."

This is my first month receiving these beauty samples. I just subscribed to it a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it! Every month, Beauty Army has new samples you can choose from. Can't wait for my next set of samples! Here are the sample I chose for this first time around....

Sorry the picture is a little blurry..
  • ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO Shampoo & Conditioner 
  • Eye Candy
  • Fiafini Skincare: Delicate Cleansing Emulsion
  • Control Corrective: Redness Relief
  • Kellett: Clarifying Acne Treatment
  • Weleda: Refining Toner
I have not used any of these samples yet! Once I use some of them I will do a review on the products I loved. The black box is very nice and it will become useful to put little nik-naks in!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Plate Project

Here is a fun DIY plate project that Andrew and I did together!! We made an "our bucket list" on this plate. I did the ones in the pink and Andrew did the ones that are blue. We took turns writing on the plate. This was such a fun project. I think it took us about two hours to finish it..we had many laughs and this will be a good memory! (:

What you need:
  • Plate (we got ours from Dollar Tree)
  • Sharpie Markers--the more color the better!!
  • Nail Polish Remover......If you make mistakes use nail polish removal and toilet paper/cotton pads and it comes right off!! I learned this trick while making this plate (:
  • Oven: Set oven to 350 degrees and then put the plate in there for thirty minutes after you are finished with the project. This will seal the Sharpie in the plate. I let ours sit in the oven over night to cool off (after the 30 mins were up and the oven was off).
Most important part of this project is to HAVE FUN WITH IT!! Be whatever you want with it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun Monthly Subscriptions

Yay for monthly subscriptions that aren't just magazines.
If you are anything like me, you love trying out samples of products to see how they work, especially the expensive kind so that way you don't waste your money on the regular size products in case it does not work out! Here are a few places that you can subscribe to every month or every year to receive samples of different products. You can cancel the subscription at any time. These sites pretty much have the same concept, but some of the prices are different as well as the types of products you can receive. Just click on the names and it will take you straight to the website!

I know that guys can subscribe to Birchbox and I think some of the other subscriptions have guy products...just check them out to see which ones do if any of you guys are interested in it. They have samples for shaving, hair, etc.!

I have recently subscribed to Birchbox and Beauty Army. I am waiting on them for them to come in and then I will do a review on these two. Here are the links to the subscriptions {just click the names}:

Birchbox Guy Example
Birchbox Women Example

Little Black Bag is a little more different and it's somewhat expensive, but in my opinion it's worth the money! I plan on subscribing to it soon! Just check it out to know what I am talking's more about FASHION brand name products! Just click the link (name) below to get to it:

 *Little Black Bag


  Hope you enjoyed this random, fun blog.......

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

May Favorites

may favorites
Every month I go through a phase of different books, hobbies, food, drinks, make-up, and etc. that I absolutely love! I think that it makes my life a little more interesting and I am always up for something new! For the month of May I loved:

Book: "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner 
Drink: Kool-Aid Lemonade 
Hair Products: REDKEN Smooth Down Heat Glide, S-Factor Hair Spray
Lotion: PINK Fresh & Clean, Bodycology Enchanted Forest
Make-Up: Too Faced Totally Nude Lipstick and Perfect Nude Lip Liner
Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI - Wear Something Spar-Kylie (Kardashian Collection)
Perfume: PINK Fresh & Clean

**The book is from Barnes and Noble, the Kool-Aid and Bodycology lotion are from Wal-Mart, PINK lotion and PINK perfume are from Victoria's Secret, and both of the hair products, the lip make-up, and nail polish can be found at Ulta.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Dog Food Review


A week out of the whole month I will give Callie wet food. She doesn't get it too often because I believe she needs more hard food than soft for her teeth and health. Plus, she can gain weight easily and I don't want her to be overweight. Westies are known to have stomach problems so I have to watch what I give her. I used to give her Cesar dog food, but just recently I discovered that Rachael Ray  has dog food products which is so much healthier than Cesars!

What I love about Nutrish is that all of the ingredients are has real meat like beef and chicken. There are not artificial preservatives or artificial favors. It is a yummy, balanced meal for dogs. It smells really good too....Callie LOVES it!!

Another great part about this dog food is that... all proceeds from Nutrish go to Rachael's Rescue, a charity that helps animals in need. She also has two types of dry food for dogs, Nutrish & Just 6.

Naturally Delish Wet Food for Dogs
"Rachael Ray Nutrish® Naturally Delish is the first natural wet food for dogs inspired by tasty recipes from Rachael's kitchen. These delicious stews are made with simple, wholesome ingredients like tender meat and veggies. There's no corn, no wheat*, no soy and no fillers or anything artificial either - just essential vitamins and minerals for a nutritious and delicious food your dog will love."
*The pasta in Chicken Muttballs is made with semolina wheat flour.

There are four different ones: Chicken Muttballs with Pasta, Hearty Beef Stew, Savory Lamb Stew, and Chicken Paw Pie.

Here is the link to Rachael Ray's Nutrish:

**Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to share this.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 3 Decor Stores

Here are my TOP 3 favorite stores to get cute house decor from...


These 3 stores have completely different styles in my opinion. Urban Outfitters has "funky" looking home decor as well as clothes, PB teen has modern, cute accessories, and Pier 1 is a combination of modern and fun decor! When you put a combination of these decor items together, it makes your place so modern, unique, and fun looking!!

**Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to advertise these stores.